Feedback from HypnoHelp Weight Loss Clients


" I couldn't wait until Thursday to tell you that when I weighed myself this morning, I lost 6.4 lbs after my second full week on WW. Added to the 2.8 from last week, that's 9.2 lbs!!! I know it's because the hypnosis merged my conscious mind with my subconscious mind! Thank you so much!  KS,  Minersville, PA

"...went from 255 down to 248.8 pounds (in one week)!  Husband is down 11 pounds!  I'm super excited, thank you!  CZ, Frackville, PA

From Spring 2018 anonymous evaluations:  "This is an excellent course which has been very beneficial for me."

 "...was excellent and extremely helpful. Very engaging and interactive. Excellent knowledge, shared, useful."


"​Hi my name is Jim. I'm a sugar addict. I saw the ad for Deborah's weight loss hypnosis program and applied. I thought she could help me with my sugar intake. After completing the 4 2 hr. sessions, I lost 20 lbs.and my desire for sugar is completely gone. Unbelievable! I was suspicious at first but soon realized that the program really works. I give Deborah and the program A+++++! Thanks Deb!" JL, St. Clair, PA

​“Just wanted to tell you that something changed for me after our last class. I felt like the class failure when everyone was sharing their success and I just shared my not as good results. But since Wednesday I have been getting full faster and my cravings for wrong food have diminished significantly.

I feel more positive about eating better and exercising more. I think I finally got it! This has been a great experience. Thank you.” RO, Valley View, PA

“I took Deborah’s class optimistic that I would lose weight even though I was in a medical situation where my medications were causing me to gain weight. The class was fun, entertaining and educational. Students learn practices that will help them in many ways throughout their lives. I felt 

healthier and had more energy. The class alone was well worth the price, and, as a bonus, I did lose 16 lbs!” WZ, Pottsville, PA

Feedback from November 2017 HypnoHelp Weight Loss Group: 

"Everything was excellent." (x2)

"Very informative. Instructor was very patient and understanding."

"Very well done!" "Increase the course to 6 or 8 weeks."

​​​​​"Hi, Deborah! Just wanted to let you know that our last session in 

December (I think it was December!) was a resounding success--

I've lost 27 lbs.!!!!!! 15 more to go to get to my goal weight and I know

I'll do it." PB, Pottsville, PA  

​“So far, I feel very much in control, which feels invigorating. One amazing immediate effect is I have not wanted any soda! And not for lack of presence and opportunity... people have offered to pick me up one, I had a Diet Mtn Dew sitting in my car for the drive home, sodas are in my refrigerator. I just have 

no desire, which is crazy for me! Crazy good, that is. Not much else has tested me yet, but I feel very effortless willpower instead of a losing battle.

Long story short, while it is so daunting when you have this mountain in front of you, I feel very ambitious to just start climbing. Being able to say no to soda and 

actually feel good about it and not deprived in any way truly makes me believe that this experience will be everything I hope.” AR, Milton, PA

"I was a major sugar addict with no portion control.  I would only stop when all the sweets were gone or I would get sick with a headache from the sugar high.  Then I would crash and promise myself I would not do that again. It was a terrible vicious cycle. After my first session with Deborah I felt drained but a heavy burden was lifted from me. I have made steps in several areas in my life to become a better person. No soda, no sweets or unhealthy choices in 3 weeks now. I feel blessed to have meet Deborah and her ability to help me in my life journey.” JC, Montoursville, PA

"After my first session I experienced a calming sense of well-being. I'm happier and life is good! My very persistent sugar cravings have disappeared, which is truly amazing! Thank you Deborah! You are kind, friendly, knowledgeable, professional and absolutely wonderful at what you do!"  K.L., Muncy, PA

“For the most part my patterns have been broken. I have dropped two clothing sizes and feel this will continue. Thank you so much for getting me to 

this point. I could not have done it without your assistance.” LR, Bethel, PA 

From anonymous evaluations...

​“Loved it! Interesting, educational info presented.  Awesome Experience!”

“I thought it was fun. Amazing that I don’t crave sweets OR salty things and am making healthy choices and not feeling deprived.  I have lost weight every week without trying too hard.”

“This is my second time (taking the course) & each session has given 

me valuable experiences and skills that I use at home.  Deborah is a wonderful instructor.”

“Loved it! This was the easiest 10 lbs. I have ever lost…and enjoyed it and didn’t even miss sugar. It’s amazing what your subconscious can do!”

“It works. I think having the subconscious mind working in conjunction with the 

conscious mind helps us keep from straying off the goal path.”

"Deborah did a fabulous job with the class.”

“The instructor was very good. This training was well done.”

“…a great job!”

“Deborah was very knowledgeable, understanding and encouraging.”

“The class was very informative and I truly enjoyed it…”

“It was great…Deborah was a wonderful instructor.”

“We really appreciate all that you taught us and that we learned."

"We really believe that in the future those techniques will help us.  They've done so much already. Thank you for an awesome experience.  We will continue to rave about you.”

“Strategies introduced were excellent which should make my ability to follow through independently successful.”

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the hypno-weight loss class, Deborah.

It was what I needed to reinforce my path of losing and maintaining my weight and staying healthy. You are a born teacher!”

“Instructor was excellent. I would recommend this class to anyone.”

“I can’t believe what a total change the HypnoHelp Weight Loss Group has made in my life.  

I really, really enjoyed the class and found it most beneficial and enriching. I use the techniques 

and have taught them to my children who are in finals week. I am encouraging others to take the 

class even if they don’t need to lose weight!” AK, Schuylkill Haven, PA

“When coming to the weight loss group therapy hypno program, I was more interested in gaining energy. Using the techniques of self-hypnosis, I have lost weight and feel wonderful. My days now start at 5 am and normally go till 9 pm (and I was the typical night owl!). The difference seems to show - people ask all the time what I'm doing to be in such good shape. I've lost the 30 lbs. that was the original goal. Another 10 would be the "icing on the cake." Primarily I have the energy back that I wanted and am enjoying life.” GL, Mahoning Valley, PA

"I have lost 15 lbs since we started. I got into jeans that I have not worn for years and years. Thank you, Deborah. Yes, I have tears in my eyes. Happy tears." AH, Pine Grove, PA 

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